Engage, Encourage & Endorse

“Because only when we sit at the table can our voices be heard.”

Women in Numbers (WIN) is a nonpartisan organization established to engage, encourage and endorse qualified women to be elected to public office. Since our founding in 1992, WIN has become a growing force by endorsing more than 300 candidates and contributing to their campaigns. WIN relies upon membership, fundraising events and sponsors to make this possible.

Women in Numbers is committed to changing the numbers. As one of the only
nonpartisan, non-issue-based political advocacy groups, WIN’s mission is to engage women in civic discourse, encourage women to run for office and endorse qualified women who choose to run for local office.

WIN is changing the conversation around gender and leadership and reshaping the face of politics in Middle Tennessee and beyond. Here are some of the ways WIN is working in our community:


encourages informed voting

through our Salon series, which engages the community and fosters conversation among civic-minded individuals


offers training

to potential candidates who are interested in seeking office

brings together

candidates and the community to network and build a system of support

endorses qualified women

who are equipped to run a successful campaign

honors the legacy

of women who have gone before us, blazing a trail to public office

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